Depending on whether you are looking for a shredder for your home or office, you must think about how many people will use this shredder and how much paper will need to be shredded in one day. If multiple people need to shred documents or the number of documents to be shredded is high, you should choose a shredder with a longer run time and that will shred the largest number of sheets at one time.

HP divides the shredders into 3 categories; personal shredders, shredders for small and medium businesses and commercial or government shredders.

Straight Cut: Is the basic security level that cuts the paper into 36 strips.

Cross Cut: This type of cut transforms the paper into small confetti-type pieces. This is a higher level of security that prevents identity theft since it is very difficult to put the document back together.

Micro Cut: Is the highest level of security on the market, that cuts the paper into more than 2000 pieces. This type of shredder is ideal for highly confidential documents. Therefore, they are the most purchased shredders by government offices.

Anti-Jamming: HP unique mechanism, allows you to shred jam free.

Safety: HP has advanced safety systems using the highest standards in the USA and Europe to prevent accidents. Some of those advanced safety features are a secure and guarded paper entry and the use of sensors that stop the machine.

Quiet: HP shredders use motors and special insulation to reduce noise, so they would not disturb your work environment.

Zero Maintenance: HP shredders are one of the only shredders on the market that use high quality blades that do not require lubrication or sharpening.

What you want to shred: Depending on whether you want to shred staples, paper clips, credit cards or CDs, make sure to select a model that cover your needs.

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