HP WC220

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When purchasing a binding machine, if your priority is the number of pages it can bind at one time, then the HP-WC220 is what you are looking for. This professional binding equipment allows you to bind up to 500 pages at once.

Among the HP binding machines, the HP-WC2020 stands out as the most versatile. This professional binding machine combines both wire and comb binding. It features a built-in wire device for added convenience. Notably, the machine excels in punching capacity, capable of handling 20 sheets, 15 sheets, or 2 sheets at a time.

  • Unit size (mm): 460*450*230 mm.
  • GB Size (mm):  520*535*280 mm.
  • Master carton (mm): 540*568*296 mm.
  • N.W. per unit: 14 kgs.
  • Gross weight per inner carton:  15.5 kgs.
  • Net/Gross weight per master carton: 15.5/ 17.2 kgs.
  • Qty per carton: 1 pcs.
  • Qty per container: (20’/40’/40HC):  306pcs/614pcs/714pcs.
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HP WC220
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